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An approach beyond animal health

As a company dedicated to animal health, we are committed to making a positive social impact.

Since launching its “Together, beyond animal health” vision in 2010, Ceva has put in place a series of programmes that promote the valuable role animals play in a balanced, healthy society.

Most of the challenges we face in securing a sustainable future can only be dealt with in a connected, global way. Climate change, pandemics and antimicrobial resistance are important issues that require concerted action at an international level. However, real change will only be possible through a multitude of smaller actions at the local level.

Active and committed, our employees, customers and partners unite and work together to act for a healthier future.

Economic & Social Report

Social impact

In line with its social responsibility, Ceva develops valuable partnerships to improve animal health and respond to sustainability challenges.

We are committed to a more sustainable future, benefiting the planet, animals and humans alike.

To tackle the global challenges our planet is facing, Ceva has embarked on a journey to become a more sustainable and resilient company.

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations through ambitious initiatives, such as the reduction of our GHG emissions, control of air, water and soil quality, and waste management.

We have 4 CSR pillars.


Promoting and developing the human-animal bond

As one of the leaders in the pet behaviour field, it is Ceva’s responsibility to support veterinarians and owners with the aim of promoting their wellbeing and strengthening the vital bond between humans and animals.

In recent years, our partnerships with assistance dogs development associations have become a priority for Ceva. The company has chosen partners that have a concrete impact on the lives of beneficiaries in many countries around the world.


Preserving biodiversity, including domesticated and endangered wildlife species

Ceva takes action to help protect global biodiversity, and animal biodiversity in particular. The company leverages its expertise and know-how for the benefit of all animals, whether wild (in particular through its endowment fund) or domestic.

Furthermore, Ceva, through its employee-led biodiversity working group, is also piloting a project to help preserve ecosystems at its major sites


Advocating for animal welfare

Ensuring the health and welfare of all animals is Ceva’s core concern.

The company has adopted a charter on animal welfare and has also developed a training module, accessible to all, addressing this issue.

Ceva, in association with the WVA (World Veterinary Association), has also created the Global Animal Welfare Awards (now the WVA Global Veterinary Awards) which aim to reward people and organizations who work to protect and preserve the well-being of animals as well as promoting an animal welfare-focused approach in their everyday lives.

Plus, Ceva has signed an agreement with the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) to support its standing committee for animal welfare.

Access to
animal proteins

Promoting the positive role of animal proteins in people’s development

Nearly a billion people worldwide suffer from malnutrition. Lack of access to animal protein can have tragic consequences on the development of children’s brains and skeletons.

That’s why Ceva works every day to contribute to a future where everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food in sufficient quantities. Whether in its day-to-day business of providing solutions to enable farmers to responsibly produce sufficient protein, or through the commitments made by its employees around the world to help people in need, Ceva is committed to working for this great cause.

Non-financial performance statement 2022

Ceva presents its Non-Financial Performance Statement (NFPS), a report which consists of communicating the social, environmental and societal implications of a company’s activities as well as its mode of governance.

For Ceva, this document is a reference base of its extra-financial impacts.


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