Farm Animals
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Farm Animals

Ceva supports farmers, enabling them to keep their animals healthy while protecting their welfare.

The company’s primary focus is disease prevention: Healthy animals enjoy a better quality of life and are more productive while preserving the environment: a triple win for farmers, their flocks and herds, and consumers.

As well as creating innovative vaccines and other animal health products and services, Ceva is committed to increasing access to sustainable, safe, affordable and nutritious meat, milk, and eggs, to everyone, worldwide.

The development of vaccines and medicines reduces animal mortality, protects their welfare, and safeguards food supplies.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of the ruminants' sector, we see what you see.

We see the challenges that you face in your everyday work, your resilience in face of adversity, and the passion that drives your work. Your needs dictate our path, and you push us to do better.

The Ceva Ruminants team has made it its mission to contribute actively to the development of sustainable ruminant production by providing tailor made solutions that care for and protect animals throughout their lives.  

Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs, so that together we can build an even more sustainable production and a brighter future for the next generations. 

Over the past twenty years, Ceva has established itself as an innovative leader in poultry vaccination, starting at the hatchery.

This success was born from an early appreciation of the major role that poultry farming would play in feeding a growing world population.

The Ceva Poultry team provides veterinarians and producers with the digital tools and applications to carry out audits at the hatchery or in the field and train their staff on targeted topics.

Our team is committed to helping our customers to make their production even more sustainable and face disease challenges through innovative solutions and field support.


The Ceva swine team is moving up a gear: from the prevention of respiratory disease to reproduction.

Pork is one of the major sources of animal protein, although consumption is unevenly divided between different regions of the world, it is still expected to rise and currently represents close to one third of total global demand. It requires the prevention and control of swine diseases, good reproduction management, and solutions to ensure sustainable production of safe, high-quality pork.

The team provides a complete range of products and services to improve the health of pigs, and sustain their wellbeing to ensure a sustainable production on the farm.

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