Companion Animals
Expert in three strategic areas

Companion Animals

To foster harmonious relationships between owners and their pets, Ceva invests in three strategic areas: behaviour, parasitology and vet specialties. 

In each of the strategic areas, our teams have developed effective solutions that are easy to implement, thanks to comprehensive support programmes available online. 

Our pets, a rich source of innovation for Ceva.


Ceva, world leader in pet behaviour, strengthens relationships between cats, dogs and their owners.

With its leading products in behaviour, Ceva offers easy and effective solutions to stressed cats and dogs, enabling pet parents to live happily with their companions.

These innovative solutions benefit from the support of world-renowned experts in Pet wellbeing and have been scientifically proven to help reduce stress in companion animals.

Ceva provides the veterinarians with a comprehensive set of educational tools on approaches to stress in dogs and cats. Ceva offers a 360° support, to help continuous education of all dogs and cats’ lovers, whether vets, nurses, retail professionals or pet owners.




Ceva helps to protect pets against parasites and parasitic diseases.

Ceva fights against the spread of vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, heartworm, leishmaniosis and more. Some of these diseases are zoonoses since they can affect both animals and humans.

It is of utmost importance to fight against external and internal parasites like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies and worms that can harm humans, dogs, cats, and other animals. 

Ceva has a complete range of innovative solutions against parasites and vector-borne diseases, but it is also committed to raise awareness about the risks for animals and humans. 

Vet Specialties

Ceva has developed strong expertise in canine and feline dermatology, cardiology-nephrology-hypertension, anti-infectives and pain management.

Ceva provides pet owners with safe and effective solutions for pet skincare and skin problems created in consultation with pet parents to be as convenient and pleasant to use as possible. Performance has been clinically proven; the products are recommended by veterinarians worldwide.

Ceva’s offer and expertise in cardiology, nephrology and hypertension aim to improve the survival and quality of life of dogs and cats worldwide. By collaborating with researchers in veterinary and human medicine around the world, Ceva wants to drive the change in veterinary cardiology.

Ceva also offers a wide range of antimicrobials and support their rational use in accordance with international experts, as part of the One Health movement.

Ceva is committed to helping veterinarians and pet owners manage their pet’s pain with a wide range of products designed with precision to fit their needs.

Ceva is committed to promoting the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond and is involved in several partnerships

Ceva has long been a passionate advocate of the bond that links animals, especially dogs, with people.

Ceva supports and champions a wide range of initiatives all around the world focused on the diverse roles dogs can play in society.

While the concept of “One Health”, which links the health of people, animals and the environment, has become well known, there is now increasing recognition of the need for a “One Welfare” approach, which recognises the need to consider the wellbeing of both people and animals.

Ceva’s partners train guide dogs for the visually or hearing impaired, as well as assistance dogs for those living with physical or mental challenges. These dogs are a testament to the benefits of the Human-Animal bond.

Ceva also supports French charity, created to help elderly people keep in close contact with their pets when they move into care homes.

Ceva also helps to ensure that elite detection dogs, protecting endangered wildlife in West Africa, and Covid-19 detection dogs, stay healthy.



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