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Equipment & Smart Solutions

Ceva has unique expertise in smart farming solutions, offering state-of-the-art innovative technologies.

Our smart solutions integrate equipment & devices, data solutions, and digital tools to adapt to all different customer conditions, while respecting animal welfare best practices.

Ceva’s engineers, designers, and local customer service teams are committed to making every project a success. Our customer-focused teams are present at every stage of the project so that these smart solutions bring maximum value to their users.

Ceva Smart Solutions, driving excellence and continuous improvement

Ceva Smart Solutions are supported by an unparalleled technical expertise. Our customers benefit from our commitment to personalised service.

We provide a high level of customer satisfaction because our teams control the whole process from end to end.


Ceva Ecat-iD Campus: Engineering centre of excellence

Ceva Ecat-iD Campus offers state-of-the-art automated equipment for every client’s needs, developed by an experienced team of experts in hatchery automation.

Based in France with field agents around the globe, Ceva works closely with customers at every stage of their project, from initial development to installation and operation.


Ceva Desvac Campus

Ceva Desvac Campus: Smart devices

As a leader in the field of vaccination equipment, Ceva Desvac Campus is specialised in innovation and technical support.

Ceva Desvac develops equipment for all farm species (poultry, swine & ruminant), always prioritising best-in-class vaccination efficiency and customer experience.



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