Together our passionate people…


Our #OneCeva community is the driving force behind everything we undertake.

We build our business together, with our colleagues, with our customers and partners who put their trust in us every day.

There’s emotion in what we do, because we’re passionate about what we do.

It’s a genuine commitment to working together to improve the lives of animals, people and our planet for the future.

"When one grows, we all grow."

At Ceva, we form a community of 7,000 employees spread across 47 countries, sharing a common vision: to passionately drive innovative health solutions for all animals, contributing to the future of our diverse planet. Each of us embodies our values and commitment to exceeding expectations in everything we do. 

The diversity of our teams is a vital strength that enables us to tackle the complex challenges of animal health. From research and development to veterinary care, production, and distribution, our employees bring their unique know-how and total commitment to improving the lives of animals, people, and our planet for a more resilient and sustainable future. 


Professional and personal development

Employee development lies at the core of our #OneCeva pillar. We invest in continuous training, mentoring, and professional growth opportunities. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and make a meaningful contribution to our purpose.

Performance through collaboration

Collaboration is key to our success. At Ceva, we cultivate an environment where sharing ideas and best practices is not only encouraged but truly valued. We foster collective performance by promoting trust and teamwork. This cross-functional collaboration fuels innovation, enabling us to develop innovative and effective animal health solutions. 

Our sustainable commitments

Our employees, like society at large, expect companies to play an active role in addressing the major challenges our planet is facing.

At Ceva, the #OneCeva community is at the forefront, actively committing to causes that are dear to them and firmly embedded in the DNA of the company. 

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Collaboration in 47 countries.
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