... contributing to the future of our diverse planet.


At Ceva, we are committed to preserving the diversity of our planet.

We understand the crucial importance of protecting our environment to ensure a sustainable future for all. Alongside globally recognized organizations, we have been actively involved for many years in initiatives designed to safeguarding biodiversity.

We also promote sustainability inside Ceva and with our customers and partners. For us, sustainability is a journey that starts with our daily activities. All our employees are strongly encouraged to consider the sustainability dimension in the decisions they take and thus make positive contributions.

A unique endowment fund to finance research related to wildlife health

Ceva Wildlife Research Fund is a one-of-a-kind endowment fund dedicated to financing applied research projects targeting the protection of wildlife health.

The fund’s three main missions are biodiversity preservation, combatting zoonotic diseases, and preserving interactions between wildlife, farm animals, and humans.

We established the Ceva Wildlife Research Fund to finance research projects with quickly observable results, with deadlines ranging from 3 to 5 years at most.

Biodiversity on Ceva campuses

At Ceva, all our employees are committed to a more sustainable planet, including in the workplace.

They participate in various initiatives developed by a dedicated employee-led working group to promote knowledge about biodiversity and wildlife conservation across our different campuses worldwide.

Contributing to preserve domesticated endangered species

We are committed to the conservation of domesticated endangered species through various initiatives. Notably, our proactive efforts have been recognized through the creation of the Agrobiodiversity Prize with the Fondation du Patrimoine, a prestigious award that acknowledges breeders and organizations contributing significantly to the preservation of biodiversity in farms in France.

Ceva supports the Conservatoire des Races d’Aquitaine, a renowned conservation institution. This is another evidence of our dedication to safeguarding domesticated endangered species. Ceva actively participates in the preservation of unique livestock breeds, contributing to the overall agrobiodiversity and ensuring the continued existence of these important genetic resources.

Striving to be more sustainable

Ceva commits and acts to reduce its environmental impact. For example, one of the fundamental principles of our sustainable sourcing strategy is to buy locally, thereby supporting our local supplier ecosystem while contributing to the reduction of Ceva’s environmental footprint.

The #OnePlanet approach is a promise to build a future where the preservation of the health of our planet is reflected in all our actions.

Our stories related to #OnePlanet

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