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Ceva, a #OneHealth company.

Ceva strives to be more than just a company committed to animal health, but a #OneHealth company that plays an essential role in preserving the health of all: from animals to humans to our planet.

We have a responsibility to use our veterinary expertise for the good of all animals and our society.

Ceva’s One Health approach:
from concept to actions

The company embraced in 2010 a clear vision, deeply rooted in its DNA and summarized in its signature: ‘Together, beyond animal health.’

With this vision, Ceva is devoted to be more than just a company committed to animal health but a company that plays a crucial role in preserving the health of all: animals, humans, and our planet.

Because these three elements are intimately connected, health must be considered holistically. Thus, the concept of #OneHealth encompasses topics such as preventive medicine, including the fight against zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance, food safety and security, as well as the essential link between humans and animals or the support for all forms of sustainable agriculture – both large and small scale.

Preventive medicine

Ceva has chosen to invest heavily in preventive veterinary medicine, among other things to be well-prepared for future pandemics.

According to the World Health Organization, 70% of new emerging diseases in humans are of animal origin. It is therefore Ceva’s duty, as a veterinary company, to prevent these zoonotic diseases.

In this regard, more than 50 vaccines against 19 major zoonotic diseases have been developed to date. Furthermore, vaccines and other animal welfare solutions now constitute over 50% of Ceva’s product portfolio.

This preventive approach is fundamental as it also helps reduce the prescription of antibiotics, thus effectively combating antimicrobial resistance.

Ceva, committed to promoting human-animal bond

The connection between humans and animals is another key aspect of Ceva’s contribution to #OneHealth.

Aware of the positive impact that animals can have on human health and well-being, Ceva is committed to promoting this valuable bond through products and services designed to ensure a healthy life for animals.

In fact, the company supports and collaborates with numerous associations worldwide dedicated to assistance dogs and related causes. 

Partnerships fostering innovation

The improvement of human, animal and planet health will only be possible through the coordination of collective actions led by individuals, companies, countries, and organizations all committed to this common cause.  

We establish strategic partnerships to share knowledge, resources, and innovations. These collaborations enable us to broaden our impact and contribute to significant advancements in health as a whole.

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