Animal biodiversity
Preserving endangered species

Endangered species

We work to preserve and protect animal biodiversity all around the world.

Ceva actively participates in the preservation and conservation of endangered species, whether they are wild or domesticated. 

We firmly believe that the commitment of each of us is essential to preserve the biodiversity of our planet and ensure a sustainable future for all species. 

Our initiatives for wildlife health

As a veterinary-led company, preserving the health of wildlife is an essential duty.

We recognize the importance of safeguarding the diversity of animal species and maintaining ecosystem balance. That’s why we support initiatives protecting the health of wild animals. 

The creation of Ceva Wildlife Research Fund, the first endowment fund dedicated to the health of wildlife is a concrete proof of our commitment to wild animals.

Our initiatives for endangered domesticated animals

We are committed to protecting all animals.

Each species plays a specific role in the ecosystem, contributing to maintain its balance. We are proud to support associations and programs aiming to preserve the heritage of our regions and endangered farm breeds

Biodiversity at workplaces

At Ceva, we believe in the importance of involving our employees in our biodiversity preservation initiatives. Biodiversity conservation should be everyone’s concern. As part of this commitment, we have developed a mobile app to map biodiversity around our production facilities and workplaces allowing our people to better protect it.

Biodiversity audits involve gathering ecological information, including the current distribution and status of plant and animal species, as well as faunal habitats. This approach utilizes all available data sources to identify the most critical species and necessary conservation actions.

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