Press Release
20 February 2024

Ceva reveals its business purpose, reflecting the commitment of its employees beyond animal health

“Together our passionate people drive innovative health solutions for all animals, contributing to the future of our diverse planet."

Libourne, February 20, 2024 – Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva), the #5 animal health company present in 110 countries worldwide, unveils its business purpose: “Together our passionate people drive innovative health solutions for all animals, contributing to the future of our diverse planet.

#1st pillar: #OneCeva, together with passion, beyond animal health

The first pillar of this purpose naturally brings together the people who breathe life into Ceva every day.

#OneCeva: it is the commitment of the vibrant Ceva community, comprising 7,000 employees spread across 47 countries. These passionate professionals serve animals and work closely with clients and partners worldwide.

The materialization of Ceva’s purpose illustrates this pillar: it is the fruit of several years of co-construction with the company’s various internal and external stakeholders.

Nurturing this purpose requires ongoing commitment. This is precisely the essence of the #OneCeva community, which strives every day to align its activities with the company’s purpose. Through shared experiences and collaborative efforts, they truly set it apart.

#2nd pillar: #OneHealth, committing to an integrated health approach

The health of humans, animals, and our planet is intimately linked and interconnected. Recognizing this, Ceva early on became a One Health company, adopting a clear vision encapsulated in its signature: “Together, beyond animal health”.

That’s why the Group has chosen to invest heavily in preventive veterinary medicine, among other things, to be well-prepared for future pandemics.

According to the World Health Organization, 70% of new emerging diseases in humans are of animal origin. It is, therefore, Ceva’s duty, as a veterinary company, to prevent these zoonotic diseases. In this regard, more than 50 vaccines against 19 major zoonoses have been developed to date. Furthermore, vaccines and other animal welfare solutions now constitute over 50% of Ceva’s product portfolio.

This preventive approach is fundamental as it also helps reduce the prescription of antibiotics, thus effectively combating antimicrobial resistance.

Aware of the positive impact that animals can have on human health and well-being, Ceva is committed to promoting this valuable bond, at the forefront of its commitment to One Health.

As a global leader in pet behavior, the group has developed a unique expertise to combat the signs of stress in dogs and cats, fostering harmonious coexistence with their pet parents. This commitment is further reflected in the support provided to numerous charities, including those involved in the education of assistance dogs worldwide.

Finally, with the world approaching 10 billion people, and understanding the crucial role of basic animal proteins in child development, the health of pregnant women, and the elderly, Ceva actively supports all forms of sustainable agriculture.

#3rd pillar: #OnePlanet, contributing to the future of our diverse planet.

This third pillar, #OnePlanet, reflects the strong commitment of Ceva to preserving the diversity of our planet.

With the creation of the Ceva Wildlife Research Fund, a one-of-a-kind endowment fund dedicated to funding research projects to protect the health of wild animals, Ceva provides a concrete response to the threats facing many wildlife species.

This unprecedented initiative contributes to biodiversity conservation, the fight against zoonoses, and the preservation of interactions between wildlife, livestock, and humans.

Ceva is committed to supporting farmers and veterinarians, advocating for the preservation of endangered domesticated species through its support of the Conservatoire des Races d’Aquitaine (Aquitaine Breeds Conservatory). Furthermore, the company hosts the Animal Agrobiodiversity Prize annually rewarding farmers, organizations, or associations actively involved in the preservation and promotion of French agricultural breeds that are at risk.

To tackle the global challenges our planet is facing, Ceva has embarked on a journey to become a more sustainable and resilient company. The group, with its partners, is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its operations through ambitious initiatives, such as the reduction of its GHG emissions, control of air, water and soil quality, and waste management.

Marc Prikazsky, Chairman and CEO of Ceva stated:

“As one of the leaders in our industry, we have been committed since our inception to acting daily in the service of animal health and welfare. The business purpose we are unveiling today is a major step in the evolution of Ceva, allowing us all to look in the same direction and commit to society to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the health of all.”

Collaboration in 47 countries.
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