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7 March 2023

Ceva Santé Animale calls to speed up development of critical new vaccines at VIV Asia 2023

Libourne, March 7, 2023 – Ceva Santé Animale, (Ceva), the #5 animal health company present in 110 countries, participates in the VIV Asia 2023 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. Earlier today, the One Health company held the “Ceva Innovation Day” pre-opening symposium, featuring a keynote speech from President and CEO Marc Prikazsky. His presentation focused on the critical need to move from conceptual thinking to concrete execution – through innovation to address the major challenges facing the world.

Ceva Innovation Day: The Power of innovation.

The Ceva Innovation Day brought together a range of experts from the animal health industry. In his opening speech, in front of an audience of 600 guests, Marc Prikazsky underlined the need to collectively take up 3 major challenges which, if they are not met, will lead us to a very dark future:

  • The threat of climate change: Ceva is committed – in line with its business purpose – to “drive innovative health solutions for all animals, contributing to the future of our diverse planet.” The company has, for a number of years, worked with organizations dedicated to protecting our living biodiversity, with a specific focus on wildlife:  from koalas in Australia to the Amsterdam Island albatross in the remote Pacific. As the UN is warning that up to 1million of plant and animal species are at risk of extinction, Ceva recently launched the Ceva Wildlife Research Fund, to focusing on the development of health solutions for wildlife.
  • Preparing to prevent the next pandemic by focusing on zoonoses: 75% of emerging human infectious diseases are estimated to come from animals. Ceva therefore supports the call from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedeness (CEPI) backed by the G7 and G20 for a shift of paradigm to compress the development time of vaccines. The current avian flu pandemic, which recently spread to mammals and a few humans provides a concrete example of the need to speed things up. Vectormune AI, which is a reference vaccine for the control of HPAI H5, has been deployed and registered in a large number of countries, including in Asia and is recognized for his cross-clade protection and his capacity to reduce the virus transmission. This vaccine should become a cornerstone of HPAI control and biosecurity. The extraordinary collective scientific and public health achievement in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines pointed the way to what can be achieved when the public and private sectors work effectively together.
  • The need for safe and sustainable food systems: as the global population heads to 9 billion, we need to create more resilient food systems that guarantee food security, are adapted to and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure that we do no further harm to our rich biodiversity. In a recently published sustainability report commissioned by Health for Animal (Global Animal Health Association), Oxford Analytica estimated that 1.6 billion people could be fed with the animal production that is lost each year because of diseases. In addition, this growing population does not have equitable access to quality animal protein. Malnutrition, which is particularly prevalent in Asia, has a major impact on the development of children. This is why Ceva has created the CourFuture program to fight against the devastating effects of stunting by creating awareness on the benefits of poultry protein (eggs and chickens).

“Innovation is a key driver of progress and is essential to addressing the global challenges we face today,” said Marc Prikazsky, President and CEO of Ceva Santé Animale. “We are committed to driving innovation forward in a more sustainable, holistic and collaborative way. However, new ways of execution are needed. We must re-think the way we work together, across sectors and borders, to create a more sustainable and collaborative future for all people, animals, and our planet.”

The Ceva Innovation Day symposium provided a platform for industry leaders to share their insights and innovations in animal health. The event highlighted the importance of taking a One Health approach, which recognizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, in driving innovation and creating sustainable solutions for the benefit of all.

VIV Asia: a unique platform to engage with partners and stakeholders.

At VIV Asia, Ceva Santé Animale showcases its innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, with a strong focus on poultry and swine. The company also presents its range of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and innovative equipment, which are designed to help veterinarians and farmers improve the health and well-being of their animals.

“VIV Asia is a great platform for us to engage with our customers, partners, and stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region,” added Marc Prikazsky. “We are proud to showcase our latest innovations, share our knowledge and expertise, and learn from their feedback as we work together to meet the challenges of animal health and welfare.”

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