Preventive medicine
A vital role for animals

Preventive medicine

We are convinced that preventive medicine is the cornerstone of an effective One Health approach, contributing not only to animal health but also to public health.  

At Ceva, we invest significantly in research and development to provide our clients, whether veterinarians, breeders, or pet owners, with vaccine solutions and other preventive care. Our approach aims to limit diseases in animals, primarily reducing the risk of zoonotic transmission and effectively combating antimicrobial resistance. 

Furthermore, our unique know-how in the field of autovaccines makes us a preferred partner to address specific constraints of breeders or to preserve minor species that may not have commercial solutions.

We take pride in our research and innovation to advance preventive medicine. 

We believe that preventive medicine plays a crucial role in preventing unnecessary suffering in animals and improving their quality of life.

Animal health is intrinsically linked to food security. Healthy animals are essential for sustainable food production. By providing information and solutions for preventive programs, we help guarantee the health and resilience of livestock. 

By keeping animals healthy, we directly contribute to our planet’s ability to feed a growing population. Healthy animals mean safer production of essential animal proteins for a balanced diet. Our vaccines are not just essential elements of animal health protection, they are also contributing to feed the planet sustainably.

Protecting animal health with preventive medicine

At Ceva, we develop and provide a comprehensive range of high-quality vaccines and other preventive care, designed to protect animals against a wide range of diseases. Our services and equipments ensure an effective product administration for a better protection.

Thanks to our #OneHealth approach, the share of our portfolio in preventive health products has transitioned from 25% to over 50% today.

Zoonoses are diseases transmitted from animals to humans. As veterinarians, it is our duty to develop preventive medicine for animals to prevent humans from falling ill. It’s worth noting that the World Health Organization estimates that 70% of new human infectious diseases originate in animals. 

We collaborate with world-renowned experts to develop strategies to combat zoonoses in farm animals and pets. To date, we have developed more than 50 vaccines against 19 major zoonotic diseases. 


Our pheromones approach

Since the launch of FELIWAY®, we have paved the way for a totally innovative approach to the behaviour and well-being of dogs and cats.

Today, Ceva is the world leader in the field of pet behaviour with two reference brands: FELIWAY® for cats and ADAPTIL® for dogs.

Our unique expertise in autogenous vaccines

In the vast majority of cases, the range of available vaccines enables farmers to protect their herd. However, a specific solution could be required in cases where a new strain of bacteria or pathogenic virus emerges, or for a disease not covered by any commercially available products. 

To meet this need, Ceva has established itself as a global leader in the field of tailor-made vaccines, also known as autogenous vaccines.

Ceva’s expertise in autogenous vaccines can be applied to produce vaccines for a wide range of animals including among others, minor livestock species (turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl…).

The role of autogenous vaccines goes beyond filling the gap when commercial products are unavailable. They also play a crucial role in preventive health management programs, helping to reduce the use of antibiotics and the development of resistance.

Combatting antimicrobial resistance

Concerns about antimicrobial resistance is increasing globally. We are committed to combating antimicrobial resistance by promoting responsible prescriptions and developing alternatives to antibiotics. Our goal is to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for both animals and humans.  

We firmly believe that antibiotics should only be administered under professional diagnosis and for therapeutic purposes exclusively. 

Ceva follows a simple principle: “as much as necessary, as little as possible.” With a 30% reduction in the volume of antibiotics sold over the past five years, Ceva actively contributes to the rational use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine. 

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