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9 January 2019

Ceva’s Contribution to Antibiotic-Free Production

Ceva extends its initiatives to promote rational antibiotherapy.

For over 80 years antibiotics have protected the health of both animals and people. Animals have the right to receive medical treatment when needed, firstly to maintain their well-being in the name of fundamental ethical principles, and secondly because the global vision of the healthcare sector requires us to take action on every front.

At the same time, increased consumer demand and regulatory requirements on suppliers to remove antibiotics from their animal medication regimen put additional pressures on animal producers.

“Antibiotic-free (ABF)” poultry production poses many challenges and potential welfare issues, and poultry producers are currently facing many obstacles as they adjust their production systems. One of the most critical changes is achieving better management of individual bird and flock health status.

Widespread usage of new technology vaccines such as Transmune®, Vectormune ND® and Vectormune AI®, intrinsically associated with hatchery application, provides more than just disease protection; they reduces disease occurrence, virus spreading and therefore the likelihood of birds falling ill.

On-farm trials and work done by scientists and poultry producers in this area have shown that consistent, correct application in the hatchery allows producers to control the disease burden in present and future flocks while also enabling them to avoid having to vaccinate on the farm, which thus prevents additional stress and post-vaccination reactions in the flock. The advantages of hatchery vaccination emphasize the importance of high-quality vaccine administration to every single bird to ensure broad and homogenous flock coverage and shedding control. This reduces the risk of clinical or subclinical illness and therefore the likelihood that birds will need to be treated with antibiotics. Such administration practices are ensured by Quality Recognized Vaccination Services.

On top of these solutions, the most recent of our innovations is the introduction of a new range of three coccidiosis vaccines from the hatchery: Immucox®3 via Gel for Broilers, Immucox®5 via Gel for Breeders, Layers and Long Living Broilers and Immucox®T via Gel for Turkeys. These three vaccines will allow growers to safely raise their flocks without antibiotics, and the Immucox® range is expected to be the only vaccine range allowing a complete ABF program thanks to its unique balance between safety and efficacy.

We have also invested and will continue to invest in the development of extra tools such autogenous vaccines, improvement of chick health and data management services.

These approaches aim to ensure that poultry farms are healthier and less exposed to bacterial and other infections, fulfilling the combined needs of consumers and poultry producers. We will continue to contribute to improved bird health and to helping the industry to face the new challenges posed by antibiotic-free production.

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