Vector vaccines symposium - 23 septembre 2010

CEVA will hold its first vector vaccines symposium in San Diego, USA from october 6-8th2010. Together with presenting its advanced technology, the forum will encourage the sharing of worldwide experiences.

With more than 280 attendees coming from all over the world and from various backgrounds (poultry production, poultry health, regulatory authorities, leading research institutes and universities) the symposium creates a unique opportunity to share information and experiences between guests, key note speakers and Ceva’s scientists about the use of vector vaccines in poultry.

The scientific program brings together leading global experts who will share their knowledge of vector vaccine technology and its use within health programmes for the poultry industry. The program will focus on the use of the technology in both human and animal health, with a specific focus on the control of important poultry diseases such as Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease.Further presentations will focus on the use of the Fowl Pox and Marek (HVT) viruses as platforms for vector vaccines. Practical field experience will be shared on the use of vector vaccines to control Newcastle disease and Infectious Laryngotracheitis.

An extra session has been added to debate the current situation in the US with respect to the recall of salmonella contaminated eggs. The objective is to allow delegates from, the US, Europe and other parts of the world to exchange practical experiences in implementing successful control programmes. The Vector vaccine symposium is the latest in a series of scientific events organised by Ceva, which aim to meet their pledge of “creating value beyond animal health”.

All information on the Vector vaccines seminar can be found on our website:

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