Innovative Hatchery Vaccines

For poultry producers, innovative hatchery vaccines allow uniform and consistent supply of healthy chicks, thanks to maximum protection and shedding control with no side effects.

World leader in Immune Complex Vaccines and the control of Gumboro

Stop the Gumboro Cycle

Transmune® is a broad-spectrum immune-complex vaccine that offers protection against all types of Gumboro Disease virus for Broilers via In Ovo or subcutaneous route. Over 12 billion broilers were vaccinated with Transmune® in 2017 which represents 1 out 5 broilers in the world. Since launched in 2016, over 76 billion broilers have been vaccinated. Transmune® stands out with its unique ability to block the cycle of replication and spreading of the virus. Our vaccine is able not only to protect vaccinated birds, but also to prevent infection and hence to reduce the viral load in the environment where they are raised.


Installing the Ultimate Antivirus

Vectormune® ND is a vector vaccine which uses a Marek’s HVT virus as the vector and in which the F gene of a Newcastle virus is inserted. Over 6 billion broilers and layers were vaccinated with Vectormune® ND in 2017 and more than 27 billion in the last 10 years in more than 40 countries in North America, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and the EU. Vectormune®ND is the leading vaccine for preventing epidemics of Newcastle disease, avoiding increases in mortality and the heavy economic losses they imply. Even in countries only slightly affected by these viruses, farmers are increasingly beginning to use this vaccine because, contrary to conventional attenuated live vaccines, it induces no post vaccination reactions.


The Reference PERFECT PAIR for one single bird

As recognised by European registration granted by the EMA* in 2017, Transmune® and Vectormune® ND are perfectly compatible for concomitant hatchery vaccination in a single injection, delivered either in ovo or subcutaneously. This is the first new technology vaccine combination to provide simultaneous protection against IBD and ND in the same bird. An effective safe and convenient tool which is widely used and recognised by producers all around the world. The largest disease coverage from the hatchery.

*European Medicines Agency



The only immune complex vaccine designed to Stop the Gumboro Cycle in Layers.

Novamune is the first IBD immune complex vaccine designed specifically for layer pullets. It consists of an IBD virus strain (the SYZA-26) bonded by specific antibodies called Virus Protecting Immunoglobulins.  Novamune® is injected on day 1 at the hatchery simplifying the layer vaccination program by reducing field application and it can be combined with recombinant vaccines for NDV, AI, and ILT. 


The latest generation of hatchery vaccines

This vaccine is the first representative of a new generation of vector vaccines for the hatchery. It has been developed in our Japan R&D center to answer a major limitation of the hatchery vaccination: the impossibility to use 2 HVT vectors at the same time for the same bird.

ULTIFEND® IBD ND is a live HVT vector ND vaccine protecting against 2 diseases: Newcastle Disease and Gumboro for broilers and layers or by, to be applied at day one or in ovo vaccination Marek’s at the hatchery. Combination with SB1 and Rispens are as well available.

This vaccine will bring the ultimate convenience of IBD and ND vector protection in 1 vaccine, allowing at the same time: Combined Protection: No need to make choice between usage of ND or IBD vector vaccine for protection – both are now possible at the same time. Enhanced Safety: For low Newcastle Disease pressure area, no need to go for live ND at day one by spray and to risk the subsequent Post Vaccination Reaction and potential need of Antibiotic usage.

Improved Infectious Bronchitis Control (IB): The day one spray vaccination for IB is fully beneficial as no Newcastle live vaccine is needed.


Ceva is making an ongoing contribution to the prevention of respiratory diseases through its global involvement in controlling infectious bronchitis. Cevac IBird® offers the advantage of effective protection against the multiple variants of bronchitis infectious, with a single vaccination covering the whole growth period. This accomplishment is the result of a concept rather than a product, since it entails vaccinating all the chicks in the hatchery on the same day with a combination of Cevac IBird® and a classic Massachusetts vaccine. Technically, it also meant that Ceva had to be able to provide the right machine to go with it: the Desvac In-Line Spray. This equipment is without a doubt the “smartest” sprayer yet designed. Its flat spray technology allows for perfect spray coverage which helps greatly improve vaccination quality.


More than 10 years ago intensive work led the Ceva teams to successfully develop Vectormune® AI, a breakthrough vaccine to prevent the Avian Influenza H5 subtype virus. Tested in many independent centers, in the USA, Europe and Asia, Vectormune® AI was registered in the USA then introduced to Egypt, Mexico, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

The results of Vectormune® AI have exceeded all expectations; all experiments have confirmed its extraordinary ability to protect poultry and to offer a broad and cross clade protection. We owe this performance to the vaccine’s mechanism of action, which is very different to that of conventional vaccines. It has been also demonstrated that in the event of contamination, vaccinated poultry excreted much less virus, which reduced contagion and spreading to other farms, making Vectormune® AI an efficacious tool not only to protect farms, but also to prevent the spread of the disease.



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