Hatchery vaccination services

The best vaccines can only work if they are administered properly, inside the bird or the egg, in the right place, at the right dose and in a clean environment.

With this principle in mind, we have set up a whole organisation capable of assisting our customers in their vaccination program. To achieve this goal, we have hired and trained teams of vaccination specialists around the world responsible to maintain our equipment, teach vaccination techniques to staff and monitor results during their routine service visits.

Ceva is now a partner of choice for hundreds of hatcheries and farms to provide vaccination equipment and services. This offer has been formalised in C.H.I.C.K. Program for hatchery.

Ceva acquired Desvac in 2008, a leader in vaccination equipment for poultry. Today the Ceva Desvac campus, located in Western France, forms an innovation and technical support platform which provides all material means required for the development and implementation of Ceva’s services to clients’ strategy. The Desvac range of products includes innovative sprayers for hatcheries and farms in water and gel technology (Desvac In-line Duo Spray & Gel), equipment for subcutaneous injection of day-old-chicks (Dovac®) and Intramuscular injection equipment of pullets (IMVAC®).

Ecat-iD was formed as a result of the merger of iD-Projects and Ecat and allowed combining industry expertises from some of the most experienced people in hatchery automation since 2016. Today, Ceva Ecat-iD campus is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and a worldwide leader in hatchery automation, covering all the different areas of hatchery operations from eggs management, chick management, cleaning and disinfection, waste management and more.

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Hatchery Automation:

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