IPPE 2019 – Ceva’s latest innovations offer producers greater performance optimisation from the hatchery

7th February 2019, Altanta, USA - In 2019, Ceva will introduce several notable additions to its Vaccinology range of products, equipment and services drawing from the 9 Innovation Areas introduced in 2018.

With constantly shifting consumer demand impacting the poultry industry, this new wave of innovations will support sustainable performance improvement in antibiotic free (ABF), high welfare and conventional poultry programs.

3 major new initiatives will be showcased during IPPE:

The introduction of ULTIFENDTM IBD ND, Ceva’s next generation vector vaccine against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Newcastle Disease (ND). ULTIFENDTM protects birds against both IBD & ND in a single vaccine, significantly reducing the need for live ND vaccines and resulting in more effective IB vaccination and control.

The recent launch of Cevac IBron and its use in US hatcheries to control infectious bronchitis variant Ga 08, Ga 13 & DMV 1639 is proving to be a major advance by reducing broiler mortality, the need to use antibiotics and respiratory condemnations at slaughter.

The improved management of Chick quality isalso a key tool when reducing the need to use antibiotics. Ceva’s introduction of the Laserlife candling system is another innovation helping the industry to achieve this important goal.

Ceva’s key veterinary experts & equipment services teams will be available and happy to discuss these 3 important innovations with customers on our IPPE booth.

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PDF version available here: 2019-02-07_PR IPPE 2019.pdf (751.95 kB)

Martin Mitchell
Communication Director
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