Ceva launches latest of its Vector Vaccines at VIV Asia 2011

VECTORMUNE HVT- NDV® generates strong interest at symposium organised to present new strategies to combat Newcastle Disease.

Bangkok, Thailand, 11 March 2011 –  VIV Asia is the region’s largest livestock technology showcase, this year attracting crowds of close to 30,000, as the region gears to become the world’s leading livestock production zone.

Ceva used the opportunity to launch its latest vector poultry vaccine – VECTORMUNE HVT-NDV®, a novel vaccine that protects against both Newcastle and Mareks disease.

At a special symposium organised by Ceva, over 200 poultry specialists heard Dr. Giovanni Cattoli, Director of  the Department of Research and Innovation, IZSVe, (Insituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Delle Venezie), an OIE/FAO reference laboratory, highlighting the serious threat that Newcastle Disease (ND) still poses to poultry producers throughout the World.  Also Asian poultry producers are very vulnerable to the disease which can result in losses as high as  90% of a flock.  The disease is endemic in many Asian countries and has become more pathogenic and widespread in recent years. Despite ND being recognised 85 years ago, all the conventional vaccines developed to date have limitations, which means that veterinarians, even today, struggle to control the disease.

Because maternally derived antibodies do not affect its efficacy,  VECTORMUNE HVT-NDV® can be given in the hatchery, in ovo or at day old and provide lifelong protection. Dr. Kristi Moore Dorsey, Vice-President of Research and Development at Ceva’s US Biotech Center and one of the keynote speakers commented,  “This is a significant benefit for producers who will no longer need to worry about complicated vaccination programmes to combat Newcastle disease.”

Opening the symposium, Ceva’s Director of Biology,  Dr. Arnaud Bourgeois said:
“I’m particularly proud to be back in Asia, where I spent a significant part of my career.  Especially as I know that this very innovative product, developed by our Biotech team, will have such enormous benefits for poultry producers in the region”.

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