Aware of the differences in parasites affecting ruminants across the world and the specificities of the different segments (dairy and beef), Ceva developed a rational and adapted range of parasiticide products.

A rational range for a rational parasite control

The type of parasites affecting ruminants can vary enormously in the different regions of the world. As in anti-infectives, the rational use of parasiticides is being more and more object of discussion: to lower the risk of parasiticide resistance and assure the parasiticides’ efficacy.  

Ceva Santé Animale, aware of these differences, concerns and demands has been actively working to develop “customized” parasiticide solutions that fit the needs of the ruminants farms at global level.


In the scope of ruminant parasite control, Ceva is also engaged in the development of projects that can have an impact in human health. As example, Ceva joined a public-private partnership alongside with Edinburgh and Kampala Universities to conduct a field experiment (by the name of "S.O.S" for "Stamp Out Sleeping sickness") in sustainable protection of cattle against ‘’tsetse’’ flies in order to eradicate sleeping sickness in humans. 


In our parasiticide range:

  • EPRECIS® INJECTABLE 2% (eprinomectin): the first global injectable endectocide product with a 0 days milk withdrawal period. The high concentrated injectable form of eprinomectin allows the administration of a small and precise dose to cattle: no product is lost due to licking or weather conditions; the accurate dose contributes to minimize the risk of resistance development.  EPRECIS® INJECTABLE 2% is suitable for the selective and targeted selective parasiticide treatments in cattle, of particular interest in dairy farms due to the 0 days milk withdrawal.
  • FLURON® GOLD (fluazuron, chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide): a product developed by and for Latin American markets. With contact and systemic action FLURON® GOLD has different modes of action that allow a fast and lasting effect against ticks, horn-flies and warbles in cattle.


From one country to another, product lines are adapted to local demand and regulatory requirements. For further information, please take a look at the Ceva Santé Animale site for your country. Warning: the information provided on the products depends on national registrations. Access to technical information is restricted to authorised persons.

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