Range manager

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Within the framework of the company’s marketing policy, maintain and develop a product portfolio while optimising human and financial resource allocations. Coordinate and validate the activities of the Product Managers to achieve the sales and profitability objectives of the product range in the short and medium term.

Main activities

  • Coordinate and analyse marketing study results (trends, competition) and range product competitiveness (market share, margin, technical positioning of the products).
  • Coordinate elaboration of the product marketing mix and define product action and communication plans.
  • Propose the range marketing plan and have it validated, along with promotional budgets, in liaison with the communication manager.
  • Study new product launch opportunities and their feasibility.
  • Design advertising or promotion campaigns.
  • Promote product strategy and ensure acceptance by the sales team.
  • Adjust short-term targets in line with shifts in the product environment. Make necessary corrective measures.
  • Take part in drawing up specifications for new products and monitor their progress.

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